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Inspired by 4 Beer Traditions

We brew and serve excellent beer inspired by European and American beer traditions. These traditions — Belgium, the British Isles, Central Europe, and the Americas — provide the inspiration for our four flagship beers.


Glass Castle


ABV 5.0%

Flavorful, yet eminently drinkable. The delicate balance between bready malt and spicy and grassy Czech hops make it obvious why this beer inspired the lager revolution. Glass Castle is Silver Branch’s holy grail—getting this elusive style right reflects the passion we bring to the craft and science of brewing.

We use reverse osmosis-soft water, imported Bohemian barley and Saaz hops, and a traditional decoction mash to give you a classic Bohemian Pilsener that is smooth and satisfying.

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Quantum Shift

East Coast IPA

ABV 6.2% | IBU 65

Quantum Shift will shake your sense of reality and shift your expectations of a flagship IPA. With so many hops—and new ones being bred all the time—who wants to drink the same IPA every day? Not us! We brew every batch with a different hop recipe. Expect an ever-shifting array of flavors to feed your fresh hop addiction. Check which hops you are drinking with this batch at quantumshiftIPA.com.

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Foreign Extra Stout

ABV 6.5%

Tropical stout has evolved as it has migrated from its Irish birthplace to being brewed in the American, African and Asian tropics. Silver Branch’s Chronicle continues that ongoing story. We’ve married smooth roast with luscious malt to give you a beer reminiscent of dark chocolate, rich caramel, and coffee. The addition of unrefined Colombian panela sugar gives Chronicle a distinct rummy toffee finish.


Paper Lantern


ABV 4.8% | IBU 8

Paper Lantern is our version of the “white” beer style hailing from the fields of Flanders and the hills of Wallonia. Light and effervescent, Paper Lantern is perfect for any occasion! Indian coriander, Caribbean Curaçao orange peel, and a few secret spices make Paper Lantern citrusy and refreshing.

Ümläüt Löve



Delicate fruity aromatics sit atop our nuanced and eminently drinkable summertime seasonal.

Beyond the Gnome World



Silver Branch will stop at nothing as we sail to new horizons in search of beer excellence! Beyond the Gnome World is a classical saison, brewed with pilsner malt, Saaz hops, and a blend of Saison yeasts from two Belgian breweries!

Gnome for the Holidays



The Gnomes LOVE the holidays and have long been frustrated that elves are seen as the official holiday “diminutive being”, but they don’t let it get them down! Instead, they celebrate with this strong holiday saison, brewed with dark Belgian candi sugar for a bit of caramel complexity alongside the classic Saison pepper and spice yeast character.

Full Tweed Jacket

Wee Heavy


Wonderfully malty and deeply complex, FULL TWEED JACKET is Scottish-style beer turned up to 11! The strongest of the traditional Scottish Ales, Wee Heavy is a pure expression of malt. Characterized by restrained malt sweetness, toffee and caramelized sugar flavors, you’ll find this to be a beguiling brew for wintertime evenings. Take a sip and you’ll wish you were wearing a kilt and wandering the verdant Scottish countryside!

Cosmic Summer

West Coast IPA


This delicious IPA will send your taste buds into orbit! COSMIC SUMMER is a classic light-bodied West Coast IPA made for summertime enjoyment. Chinook and El Dorado hops bring pine, fruit, and floral aromas and a bracing bitterness perfect for the hot summer weather

Gold Line

Classic American Pilsner

ABV 5% | IBU 45

Crisp and crushable, this pre-prohibition Pilsner uses 30% corn and six-row malt. A mild sweet corn flavor and grainy pilsner malt marry beautifully with floral and mildly spicy Sterling, Mt. Hood and Liberty hops grown in Oregon. Significantly more hoppy than today’s mass-produced pilsners, Gold Line is eminently drinkable but also interesting enough for a craft beer audience. Perfect for a summertime picnic!

Obsidian Castle

Tmavé Special


Dark bready malt with spicy and floral Saaz hop flavor throughout, finishing crisp and rich.




Regular as clockwork, Metro Gnome catches his train to arrive in time for Beer-Thirty! Brewed with coriander and grains of paradise to compliment the natural peppery and fruity yeast character, Metro Gnome is perfect to enjoy with your favorite meal or by itself

Lost in the Fog

California Common

ABV 5.1%

Conceived in the mists of San Francisco Bay during th gold rush, this warm-fermented lager is toasty, slightly fruity and refreshing



ABV 5.6% | IBU 18

A classic reddish-amber Märzen long associated with celebrating the harvest season. Bready malt flavors with just enough spicy and floral hops for balance. Prost!

Charlemagne’s Nightmare

Double IPA

ABV 8% | IBU All Late Hops

Charlemagne’s Nightmare is Silver Branch’s biggest IPA yet: a double IPA clocking in at 8 percent designed to conquer your taste buds, just as Charlemagne conquered Europe. Charlemagne’s seat of power was Cologne, home to subtle, stately Koelsch. Fermented with a traditional Koelsch yeast, Charlemagne’s Nightmare was conceived to be the antithesis of this laid back style. Copiously hopped with Columbus, Amarillo, Cryo-Cashmere, and Summit, and double dry-hopped with Meridian, Citra and Summit, there is nothing subtle about Charlemagne’s Nightmare. Expect a juicy melange of tropical fruit finishing with a firm, resinous grapefruit finish.

Mondo Mundo

Mexican-Style Vienna Lager

ABV 5.6%

The second beer in our EXPLORER SERIES, Mondo Mundo makes an excellent pairing with a ride range of intensely flavored cuisine. With a lush malt backbone but a light frame it makes this the perfect complement for heavy flavors like mole, hot salsa and seared carne asada while maintaining a high degree of drinkability. We brewed MONDO MUNDO with a large portion of Vienna Malt for that undeniably delicious but subtle malt sweetness balanced by a lasting impression of toasty malt character. We lagered this 5 weeks to create an incredibly round and smooth drinking character. Notable commercial examples that are similar would include Negro Modelo and Full Sail Sesión Negra.

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SQUEEGEE MASTER w/Passion Fruit & Tahitian Lime

Fruited Gose


This tart ale was brewed with passion fruit, grains of paradise, Tahitian lime, coriander, and Himalayan pink salt. Squeegee Master is like drinking in a fresh ocean breeze!

SQUEEGEE MASTER w/Raspberry Tahitian Lime

Fruited Gose


This tart ale was brewed with raspberry, grains of paradise, Tahitian lime, coriander, and Himalayan pink salt. Squeegee Master is like drinking in a fresh ocean breeze!

Doomsday Chronicle

Mexican Hot Chocolate Chipotle Stout


If ever there was a beer to drink on the day the world ends—and each day leading up to it—Doomsday Chronicle is that beer! Inspired by the flavors in Mexican hot chocolate the creamy body and toffee finish are a perfect foil for the cocoa, cinnamon, and the touch of heat from the chipotles!

Urban Migration

IPA - New England


A massively dry-hopped hazy—triple dry-hopped with 5lbs of Galaxy hops per barrel, Urban Migration is plenty of reason for you to migrate to Silver Spring!

Black Is Beautiful

Black IPA


Black is Beautiful is collaborative effort to raise awareness for the injustices people of color face daily and raise funds for police brutality reform and legal defenses for those who have been wronged.

Proceeds from our Black is Beautiful beer benefit The Sentencing Project, a 501(c)(3) organization focused on addressing racial disparities within the United States criminal justice system. You can read more about them here: https://www.sentencingproject.org/

Cosmic Spring

West Coast IPA


At the dawn of the Craft Beer Revolution brewers shocked drinkers with highly hopped and bitter West Coast IPA. Triple dry-hopped with Centennial, Comet, and Columbus, Cosmic Spring is hoppy and bitter, with a dry-yet-malty finish to keep you coming back for more.

Lazy Dayz

American Wheat Ale


Nothing says summer like our American Wheat Ale! Citrus-y and floral flavors from Cascade, Liberty, and Eukanot hops and bready wheat malt provide a thirst-quenching beer perfect for hot summer weather. Kick back and enjoy summertime Lazy Dayz!

SQUEEGEE MASTER w/Pink Guava & Tahitian Lime



Like drinking a fresh ocean breeze, this sour ale is brewed with Guava and Tahitian Lime to bring fresh tropical notes that taste beautifully alongside coriander, grains of paradise, and Himalayan pink salt.

Heart of Gold

El Dorado Pale Ale


For centuries people have searched for the fabled riches of El Dorado. Now, at long last, the treasure is within your grasp. Made with El Dorado hops and Maris Otter malt, this is one treasure you will want to share with friends!

Sacred Table

Abbey Single


ncredibly flavorful abbey ale inspired by the everyday beers enjoyed by Trappist monks. Soft golden color and an intense, spicy Belgian yeast profile. All the character of a hop-forward, yeast-driven Belgian ale without the higher alcohol.

Eternal Optimist

Triple IPA


Create your own reality! If you envision yourself surrounded by rainbows and sunshine, you too can become an eternal optimist! We’ve packed this triple IPA with Citra Incognito, Lorel Cryohops, El Dorado, and Columbus hops to carry you and your taste buds to ever-increasing heights of optimism!

Thunder Gnome

Dry Hopped Saison


With summer just around the corner, THUNDER GNOME is preparing his electric bolts for the first lightning show of the year. Brewed with corn and dry-hopped with mellow Mt. Hood and Cascade hops, this special saison will electrify your taste buds!

Cheshire Grin

Nitro Pub Ale


One sip and you’ll be grinning ear to ear as well! A classic ESB brewed with prized heirloom Maris Otter and Target and Williamette hops, Cheshire Grin would be at home in the cozy British pub. The simple pleasure of enjoying the honest brew is as magical as Alice’s most wondrous adventure.

It’s Going Swimmingly



Whether pool, bay, ocean, or river, it’s the season to enjoy some time on the water! LupoMax Amarillo, Zamba, and Mosaic Incognito bring you a super smooth and super fruity IPA for your summertime enjoyment. With this beer in hand, it’s sure to go swimmingly!

Edge of Time

Rice Lager


Silver Branch and Right Proper brewers pooled their collective brainpower and experience and came to an important conclusion: sometimes LESS is MORE! We brewed the Edge of Time with jasmine rice and a restrained amount of Huell Melon hops to be super light, super crisp, and super satisfying.

Magnificent Intent

Nitro Pub Ale


Be audacious and aim for new horizons! Expand your world with this English Summer Ale—a mash up of a classic pub ale and modern American hop flavors. Made with heirloom malt and Columbus and Williamette hops, it’s perfect for summertime enjoyment!

Surf’s Up

Cold IPA


Surf’s Up! Time to grab your board and catch the wave of the trendiest IPA out there—Cold IPA! One sip and you’ll swoon for the bright hop flavors and crisp, clean finish. Brewed with Cashmere, Motueka, and Mosaic Lupomax hops, the tropical fruit flavors will keep you coming back for more!

Tiny Giant

Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale


Tiny Giant will conquer your taste buds! Double dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic, and Azacca Lupomax, Tiny Giant punches way above its weight class. Mango, pineapple and citrus flavors come together into a delicious fruit bomb. The say good things come in small packages, so crack a can and enjoy!

Squeegee Master W/Cranberry & Tahitian Lime

Fruited Gose


This tart ale was brewed with cranberry, grains of paradise, Tahitian lime, coriander, and Himalayan pink salt. Squeegee Master is like drinking in a fresh ocean breeze.




In Norse Mythology, Valkyries chose who died on the battlefield. Happily, the veterans behind this IPA were chosen instead to brew delicious beer. With copious amounts of Veteran’s Blend hops and honey, this Norse-inspired beer was brewed to toast the contribution of  our Veterans to this great nation.




The pale bock beer will electrify your taste buds! Brewed with Pilsner, Vienna, and pale caramel malts and all Tettnang hops, this malty spring lager is brewed to celebrate the lengthening days and the emergence of all your favorite springtime flowers.

Cloud Nine



A traditional German Weizen yeast gives our Hefeweizen complex flavors of banana and clove, while finishing crisp and satisfying. Pour one today to help you reach your own personal Cloud Nine.


Barrel-Aged Chronicle

Barrel-Aged Stout

ABV 7.2%

Chronicle’s smooth and roasty malt. A heady aroma and flavor of vanilla-spice imparted from a long rest in Sagamore Spirit Rye barrels. Originally released on November 27, 2019, one of the last kegs from our cellar has emerged. Enough said.

Power Boots

Dry-Hopped Pilsner


The women of Silver Branch are superhuman at creating amazing beer experiences! They brewed Power Boots Dry-Hopped Pilsner with the 2020 Pink Boots hop blend to celebrate the Pink Boots Society’s mission of inspiring and encouraging female beer professionals in the craft beer world!

The Pink Boots Hop blend features Azacca, El Dorado, Idaho Gem and Loral hops, lending tropical, citrus and piney aromatic qualities to this delicious Dry-Hopped Pilsner!

Coffee Chronicle

Coffee Stout

ABV 6.5% | IBU 26

Take Chronicle and whole light-roasted Ceremony Coffee beans and get a roasty, rich stout with fruity coffee flavor throughout. What could be better?


Post-Modern IPL


Worlds Converge: Two breweries—one from the wilds of downtown Silver Spring and one from the bucolic fields of Howard County—came together to give you this delicious India Pale Lager. We converged old-world lager tradition with modern American IPA brewing techniques for a crisp, super-drinkable lager with big hop flavor and aroma.

King’s Ransom

Abbey Dubbel


This beguiling and fruity Belgian-style ale is replete with raisin, date, and caramelized sugar flavors. Approachable and super drinkable, it is worth every penny of a King’s Ransom


Hazy IPA


DEUS EX MACHINA was brewed to celebrate Silver Branch’s first anniversary! DEUS EX showcases a soft mouthfeel blended with bitterness for structure. Aromas and flavors of ripe pineapple, tropical fruit cup, and faint pine with a sweet floral backdrop. Dry-hopped with Lorel, Azacca, Idaho Gem, El Dorado, and Cashmere


Hazy IPA


Brewed for the now postponed Brewer’s Ball to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, our new hazy IPA is a real crowd pleaser! Brewed with Lemondrop, Amarillo and El Dorado hops, this hazy juice bomb features flavors of candied orange and lemon peel, mango and apricot with some pepper and spice in the finish


Imperial Stout


Rich, malty, and deeply roasty without tasting burnt, Endless Odyssey is worth an epic journey. Perfect for a long evening with a kindred spirit.

Silver Century

Abbey Quadruppel


Silver Century Abbey Quadruple brings big, rich aromas of figs and dates candied with nutmeg and mace w/ a generous measure of rum. Deep flavors of dates, figs and raisins are backed by rich malt and a pleasing, lingering alcohol warmth. This 11.2% quad is perfect for any time, but may reach it’s pinnacle as a part of your holiday dinner dessert.




Squeegee Master is light-bodied and refreshing. Inspired by traditional German Gose, Squeegee Master showcases balanced salinity and a characterful coriander flavor throughout. Bright brine and a lemony-tart flavor hit your pallet immediately and linger pleasantly. This is one beer that begs you to take another sip with a pretty awesome back story.

The Oracle Speaks


ABV 8.2% | IBU 22

The Oracle Speaks is a pale weizenbock with a deep orange hue and a rich, bready malt flavor from dark Munich and Vienna malts. Brewed with 50% pale wheat malt, this beer exudes huge banana and clove aroma and flavor backed up by rich malt flavor, with a mild alcohol warmth in the finish. Well-known commercial examples include Aventinus and Vitus. Fans of authentic German-style wheat beers will love this. The clove and banana flavors derive from the classic Weihenstephan 380 Hefeweizen yeast and precision temperature control. The hopping of the beer is very low–most of the balance for the malt comes from the slight bitterness and drying that comes from the high alcohol content. With very few readily available commercial examples this a truly unique beer.



ABV 7.2% | IBU 88

Named as a tribute to the monumental task of opening Silver Branch, this tropical bomb puts forth huge aromas of pineapple, followed by peach and mango supported by a piney backbone throughout with a bitter structure reminiscent of grapefruit juice. Dry Hopped at a rate of almost 3lb/BBL, we dry hopped this during active fermentation to amplify the intense and distinctive tropical fruit aroma and flavor throughout.