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Inspired by 4 Beer Traditions

We brew and serve excellent beer inspired by European and American beer traditions. These traditions — Belgium, the British Isles, Central Europe, and the Americas — provide the inspiration for our four flagship beers.

Year Round

Glass Castle


ABV 5.0%

Flavorful, yet eminently drinkable. The delicate balance between bready malt and spicy and grassy Czech hops make it obvious why this beer inspired the lager revolution. Glass Castle is Silver Branch’s holy grail—getting this elusive style right reflects the passion we bring to the craft and science of brewing.

We use reverse osmosis-soft water, imported Bohemian barley and Saaz hops, and a traditional decoction mash to give you a classic Bohemian Pilsener that is smooth and satisfying.

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Quantum Shift

East Coast IPA

ABV 6.2% | IBU 65

Quantum Shift will shake your sense of reality and shift your expectations of a flagship IPA. With so many hops—and new ones being bred all the time—who wants to drink the same IPA every day? Not us! We brew every batch with a different hop recipe. Expect an ever-shifting array of flavors to feed your fresh hop addiction. Check which hops you are drinking with this batch at quantumshiftIPA.com.

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Beyond the Gnome World



Silver Branch will stop at nothing as we sail to new horizons in search of beer excellence! Beyond the Gnome World is a classical saison, brewed with pilsner malt, Saaz hops, and a blend of Saison yeasts from two Belgian breweries! 2020 GABF Gold Medal Winner in the Classic Saison category.

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Seasonal Sessions

Golden Goat

Blonde Bock


Many myths surround Bock—the malty lager whose name means “goat” in German. It’s certainly not the residue left at the bottom of the tank! And despite goats having become closely associated with Bock, it’s not named after a goat but rather the city of Einbeck. Lightly hopped with traditional Hallertau Mittelfrüh, personally, we believe Golden Goat is probably the G.O.A.T.

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Mondo Mundo

Mexican-Style Vienna Lager

ABV 5.6%

Mondo Mundo is brewed with a large portion of Vienna malt for that undeniably delicious but subtle malt sweetness balanced by a lasting impression of toasty malt character. We lager this beer for five weeks to create an incredibly round and smooth drinking character.

Ümläüt Löve



Delicate fruity aromatics sit atop our nuanced and eminently drinkable summertime seasonal.

Heavenly Hell



Hell means pale in German, and Helles is a generic term for the ubiquitous pale lager served in Munich. This easy-drinking, mildly malty, low-hop Helles is the quintessential lawnmower beer. It’s Heavenly way to beat the Hellish heat!



ABV 5.6% | IBU 18

A classic reddish-amber Märzen long associated with celebrating the harvest season. Bready malt flavors with just enough spicy and floral hops for balance. Prost!

Lost In the Fog

Gold Rush Lager


Conceived in the mists of the San Francisco Bay during the gold rush years, this warm-fermented lager is toasty, slightly fruity, and refreshing. Made with traditional Northern Brewer hops, two-row, crystal, and coffee malts, it’s a perfect balance of drinkability and complexity.

Obsidian Castle

Tmavé Special


Don’t let the black color fool you, this dark lager drinks smooth and malty, with mild chocolate notes rather than burnt or roasted malt flavors. A generous dose of Czech-grown Saaz hops round out the character of this stronger-than-average tmavé lezak.

Limited Release

Squeegee Master W/Cranberry & Tahitian Lime

Fruited Gose


This tart ale was brewed with cranberry, grains of paradise, Tahitian lime, coriander, and Himalayan pink salt. Squeegee Master is like drinking in a fresh ocean breeze.

Dr. Juicy & Mr. Nug

Double IPA


It’s a story of two hop concentrates in one beer! When we heard about Spectrum we couldn’t stay away! We called up our friends at Black Flag grabbed some Citra and Mosaic Spectrum and mixed it with Strata pellets to brew a hop explosion that will blow your mind! The question is: will Dr. Juicy and Mr. Nug make you naughty or nice?


Barrel-Aged Chronicle

Barrel-Aged Stout

ABV 7.2%

Chronicle’s smooth and roasty malt. A heady aroma and flavor of vanilla-spice imparted from a long rest in Sagamore Spirit Rye barrels. Originally released on November 27, 2019, one of the last kegs from our cellar has emerged. Enough said.

Coffee Chronicle

Coffee Stout

ABV 6.5% | IBU 26

Take Chronicle and whole light-roasted Ceremony Coffee beans and get a roasty, rich stout with fruity coffee flavor throughout. What could be better?


Imperial Stout


Rich, malty, and deeply roasty without tasting burnt, Endless Odyssey is worth an epic journey. Perfect for a long evening with a kindred spirit.

Silver Century

Abbey Quadruppel


Silver Century Abbey Quadruple brings big, rich aromas of figs and dates candied with nutmeg and mace w/ a generous measure of rum. Deep flavors of dates, figs and raisins are backed by rich malt and a pleasing, lingering alcohol warmth. This 11.2% quad is perfect for any time, but may reach it’s pinnacle as a part of your holiday dinner dessert.




Squeegee Master is light-bodied and refreshing. Inspired by traditional German Gose, Squeegee Master showcases balanced salinity and a characterful coriander flavor throughout. Bright brine and a lemony-tart flavor hit your pallet immediately and linger pleasantly. This is one beer that begs you to take another sip with a pretty awesome back story.

The Oracle Speaks


ABV 8.2% | IBU 22

The Oracle Speaks is a pale weizenbock with a deep orange hue and a rich, bready malt flavor from dark Munich and Vienna malts. Brewed with 50% pale wheat malt, this beer exudes huge banana and clove aroma and flavor backed up by rich malt flavor, with a mild alcohol warmth in the finish. Well-known commercial examples include Aventinus and Vitus. Fans of authentic German-style wheat beers will love this. The clove and banana flavors derive from the classic Weihenstephan 380 Hefeweizen yeast and precision temperature control. The hopping of the beer is very low–most of the balance for the malt comes from the slight bitterness and drying that comes from the high alcohol content. With very few readily available commercial examples this a truly unique beer.