Nitrovember Mixed Case


Come over to the smooth side and celebrate Nitrovember with a split case of nitro beers from Silver Branch and a branded Silver Branch Nonic glass perfect for enjoying our British-style beers! Nitro’s smaller bubbles make for a fun and unique beer drinking experience, and pouring nitro at home is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • 1) Shake
  • 2) Pour
  • 3) Experience Gemütlichkeit

Please note: nitro beers should be cold stored

four 12oz 6-packs, one Silver Branch Nonic Glass

Nitro Chronicle × 2

Out of stock

Ruby Dragon × 2

Out of stock

Silver Branch Nonic Glass

Insufficient stock

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Additional information

Nitro Chronicle

Weight 1 oz

Foreign Extra Stout

Ruby Dragon

Weight 1 oz

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