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Shift Brewer

8401 Colesville Rd #150, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Availability: Right Now
Compensation: Hourly
Range: $18 - $24

Silver Branch is synonymous with Gemütlichkeit—a sense of warmth and camaraderie that lifts spirits and provides a welcoming atmosphere. This warmth and camaraderie spills over into our brewers and the beer we brew. Silver Branch proudly brews beers from the four beer cultures. To accomplish this, we use six different yeast strains. To brew these styles authentically, our brewhouse has a mash kettle with the ability to step mash, cereal mash, and decoct.

The Shift Brewer will work with the Director of Brewing Operations and Lead Brewer to ensure that Silver Branch Lagerhaus & Biergarten is a quality-first production operation. Help implement all facets of beer production and packaging. Elevate Silver Branch’s standards of organization and cleanliness. Execute various tasks needed to move the brewery forward in an efficient and flexible manner.

As demand for Silver Branch beer grows in coming months and years, you will work closely with the Director of Brewing Operations and Lead Brewer to increase production without sacrificing quality.

We are looking for an experienced and passionate Shift Brewer to join our team. The ideal candidate for this position has professional experience on a brewery production floor, enjoys working in a fast-paced but controlled environment and is capable of following recipes and instructions accurately. A successful candidate will have strong communication skills, a deep understanding of the brewing process, and dedication to quality.

Shift Brewer Responsibilities

  • Brewhouse Operations
  • Cellar Operations including: CIP, casting wort, pitching yeast, monitoring fermentation, fining, dry hopping, racking and standardization
  • Packaging beer in kegs, cans, and firkins
  • Organizing cold storage, maintaining inventories, and preparing shipments
  • Maintaining brewery hygiene and organization
  • Assisting with raw material inventory management, both physically and digitally in Beer30 or Ohanify
  • Yeast harvesting
  • In conjunction with the Director of Brewing Operations and Lead Brewer, implement a quality assurance and quality control program
  • Maintain and troubleshoot brewing equipment
  • Actively support the Silver Branch brand of Gemütlichkeit by warmly representing Silver Branch Lagerhaus & Biergarten in events on and off property, brewery dinners, tastings, tours, events, etc.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • A high degree of passion for the history and culture of beer, and for brewing a variety of quality beer from classic styles to innovative one-offs
  • Experience brewing, cellaring, and packaging on a commercial scale
  • Strong mechanical background, especially with low pressure steam, glycol chillers, and 3 phase electrics
  • Ability to operate a forklift
  • Experience producing a wide range of beer in a team setting
  • A can-do attitude and a high degree of efficiency and ability to make things happen
  • Strong aptitude for using and integrating software programs

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to regularly lift 55lbs and maneuver up to 165lbs
  • Comfortable standing for long periods of time, and comfortable bending, stooping, reaching, and twisting
  • Comfortable working in cramped spaces and awkward positions, and in hot and cold environments that may have wet, slippery floors and high noise levels for extended periods of time
  • Flexibility to work early, long hours with scheduling flexibility and the ability to work beyond normal working hours, on weekends, and in other positions temporarily, when necessary to ensure product delivery
  • Full-time equivalent: average 40 hour work week


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Shift Brewer

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