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Memberships Now Closed for 2020; $53,975 Total Raised

We feel so incredibly thankful to be in the company of such an amazing beer loving community. Our newest Explorers Club members combined with our Founders Club members to help us raise a whopping total of $53,975. WOW! We feel so incredibly lucky to have such great beer-loving fans, especially in the time of this crisis. We feel very supported by our community and we’re excited to continue delivering amazing beer experiences in Downtown Silver Spring. The support we generated from our Founders and Explorers have enabled us to keep operations moving forward and focus on cranking out new beers inspired by the four major brewing cultures. Thanks in large part to your support, we were able to get some new tanks in and expand our operation to keep up with canning significantly more beer. Whether it’s in our soon-to-be re-opened biergarten or beer delivered right to your door, we are so excited to continue doing what we do best: create Gem├╝tlichkeit and brew great beer.