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COVID-19 Statement


Unfortunately, we learned this morning, December 2, that a second Silver Branch team member tested positive for COVID-19. This individual was last at Silver Branch on Saturday, November 28. Thankfully their symptoms are relatively mild, being primarily limited to a low fever and headache. We hope the symptoms for both of our employees remain mild and the recovery to feeling completely well is speedy. This individual was working in the taproom from behind the bar. We believe their exposure to guests and was limited because we do not offer bar seating at this time.

Your kind words during this time have been greatly appreciated, we are doing our very best to support our employees and make responsible decisions for our community. To minimize the risk of exposing our employees and our guests, the Silver Branch Taproom & Biergarten will remain closed for an additional week. We had originally planned to reopen on December 3rd, 2020 for taproom service. We will now reopen the Taproom & Biergarten one week from today on Wednesday, December 9. All employees that have returned to work or will be returning to work have been tested. Due to the increasing prevalence of COVID in our community, Silver Branch employees will be having tests on a weekly basis moving forward.

Due to Thanksgiving break, we are fortunate to have numerous employees that were not exposed to either of the individuals that contracted COVID. We will therefore continue operating our delivery and pick-up beer sales. Please rest assured we are taking recommended measures to implement this safely and successfully. We are so fortunate to be in a community that has supported us so significantly during what has been a truly trying year for everyone. A Year of Beer passport or some awesome new Silver Branch merchandise make for a great holiday present, and you can never go wrong ordering some beer or a bottle of wine. Please stay safe, we very much look forward to seeing you again soon and hope you continue to enjoy our beer during the holiday season.



Silver Branch learned last night that one of our brewing team members has tested positive for COVID-19. They were last at Silver Branch on Wednesday, Nov 25, and have since developed mild symptoms. The Silver Branch Taproom and Biergarten is closed until Thursday, December 3, to ensure it has been a full eight days since anyone has had contact with the affected party. All employees who were at Silver Branch last week are isolating and being tested prior to returning to work. We are also contacting individuals who may have come into contact with the employee that tested positive. This employee does not interact with guests on a daily basis. If any additional employees test positive, we will alert the public.

Although we are closed we will continue to deliver Silver Branch beer and operate a pick-up window for beer pickup orders placed online or walk-ups to go. As part of this measure we have chosen to temporarily shut down our kitchen operation so we will not be selling food online or in person again until Thursday, December 3. Any individual that is bringing beer to you via delivery or working the pick-up window will have a confirmed negative COVID test before doing so and will be someone that was identified as having no exposure to the team member that contracted COVID.

If you had a pickup or delivery scheduled before Thursday, December 3, you will keep your assigned delivery or pickup time. If you would prefer to reschedule your pickup or delivery, please email beer2go@silverbranchbrewing.com as we’d be happy to accommodate any change requests.