Black & Silver Coffee Company at Silver Branch

Temporarily Closed until Spring/Summer of 2021

Coffee Available from 7:00am to 2:00pm, Monday – Friday

In the true spirit of gemütlichkeit, we open every weekday morning to provide you with your other favorite brew: Coffee!

From cappuccinos to hot tea, cortados to pour overs, our baristas are happy to craft your drink to stay or to go! We source coffee from another Maryland business, Ceremony Coffee Roasters.

Looking for a place to work or have a casual meetup over a cup of coffee? Our high-speed Wi-Fi provides you with the perfect place to work away from your home or office, just login into the SilverBranch network when you arrive. Whether you are looking for a cup of coffee to go with your morning commute or a mid-day coffee break, Silver Branch is the perfect place to stop in for an expertly crafted coffee in a beautiful taproom and cafe.

Black & Silver Coffee Menu

Temporarily Closed until Spring/Summer of 2021

Coffee Available from 7:00am to 2:00pm, Monday – Friday

House Coffee

12oz $2.50 | 16oz $3.00

Our house coffee blend from Ceremony Coffee Roasters reveals a classic, sweet, and consistent coffee.


12oz $2.50 | 16oz $3.00

Our sweet & chocolatey espresso over water, revealing more of the coffee’s sweet almond notes.


2oz $2.50

Two perfectly pulled shots of Ceremony’s rich, sweet, and chocolatey espresso blend.

Single Origin

16oz $4.00

Rotating hand selected single origin beans perfectly brewed with our V60 glass dripper.


12oz $3.50 | 16oz $4.00

Our espresso swirled over with lightly textured steamed milk.


8oz $3.25 | 12oz $3.75

Our espresso topped with fully textured steamed milk.


4oz $3.25

Our espresso Poured with equal parts warmed milk.


2.5oz $3.00

Our espresso splashed with a few drops of fully textured milk.

London Fog

12oz $3.50 | 16oz $4.00

Our vibrant and citrusy earl grey steeped with warmed almond milk and finished with a dash of our in-house vanilla syrup.

Chai Latte

12oz $3.50 | 16oz $4.00

A creamy and mellow blend of black tea, cloves, ginger, fennel, coriander, anise seeds, & milk.

Loose Leaf Tea

12oz $2.50 | 16oz $3.00

Choose From: Irish Black, Spiced Chai, Earl Grey, Sencha, Jasmine Green, Mint, Hibiscus, Lemongrass